Beta – ShiVa Engine


stbetaTired of waiting for stable releases? Are you feeling adventurous and would like to try out new and exciting things? Switch your release channel to Beta and be the first to get your hands on fascinating new technology! Your feedback will allow us to create products that match your requests. This program is only available to BASIC and ADVANCED users.

A note to 1.9.2 licensees

ShiVa 2.0 betas are available to 1.9.2 licensees from the old beta portal, which is located at Your old login back from the StoneTrip days still works there.

ShiVa Editor 2.0 Beta

Try the latest Beta build of the ShiVa Editor! All you need is to switch the Update Channel in ShiVa's Settings Window from Release to Beta. Using beta builds in production environments is not encouraged. Install and use the updates at your own risk, we cannot be held responsible for any data loss caused by beta software.



Bug Tracker

We build Betas to give our customers early access to our latest software. At the same time, we need your input to make ShiVa better, find bugs and test the software thoroughly - the thousands of your eyes see more than just we developers can. Therefor, please join the ShiVa Bug Tracker and let us know about any problems you might come across.

Coming soon: Editor Repository

In rare cases when we are changing the foundations, we will not use the Beta update channel inside the editor, but create a whole new ShiVa package for you to download. Please note that this is a rare occasion - most of the time, the Beta channel will be more up to date than these downloadable versions. Use at your own disgression.

Links will come soon. In the mean time, please use Your old login back from the StoneTrip days still works there.

Console Engines

consolesConsole engine are available without any additional cost with every ShiVa and Advanced license, but access is restricted to registered console developers. Please contact us if you are a registered console developer and require the password.

Go to our dedicated console page to gain access to the latest console engines.