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Tables with tables in tables

ShiVa is a C++ engine with a Lua scripting interface. While this works great for calling API functions, it does have its pitfalls when it comes to organizing and storing data. Since tables are the main (in fact, the only) data structuring mechanism in Lua, these pitfalls become especially apparent when trying to combine ShiVa Read the full article …

True multithreading in ShiVa pt.3: Object threads

Welcome to the last part of our multithreading tutorial series. In part 3, we are going to have a look at the unique challenges in Object AI threads and think about scaling our system from a single consumer (User AI) to potentially hundreds of objects in a single scene.

ShiVa Networking part 1: Your First Connection

Single player games can transport you into fantastic worlds and tell incredible stories. What could be better than sharing these experiences with your friends? Unfortunately, multiplayer programming is one of the more demanding tasks in the life of a game developer, and your game will succeed or break with the network code. ShiVa offers many Read the full article …