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ShiVa Multitouch explained

Ever since the iPhone revolutionized the smartphone world, multitouch has been a staple technology that allows users to interface with their mobile devices through simple taps and swiping gestures. Multitouch support has also been a part of ShiVa ever since version 1.6 many, many years ago. However, the behaviour of the touch handlers might surprise Read the full article …

Beyond 50 MB on Google Play

According to Google’s rules, the APK file of an Android app must not be bigger than 50 MB. Sometimes, that is just not enough. In this tutorial, you will learn how to make your big applications fit for the Google Play store by creating additional packages and caching them dynamically with ShiVa!

ShiVa HTML5: JavaScript Interaction

With the latest ShiVa 2.0 beta 2, you can take advantage of our greatly improved HTML5/WebGL engine, which now sports IE11 and gamepad support, better performance, and canvas resizing among other enhancements. The feature we want to talk about in this tutorial is the new JavaScript (JS) bridge that allows your ShiVa games to communicate Read the full article …

ShiVa Server: Basics

Installation and Setup This paragraph covers the installation of the ShiVa Server for Linux, since this is the operating system most of you will encounter in the remote server world.

ShiVa Flash: JavaScript to AS3 to ShiVa

Starting with the UAT 1.4 beta 4, the ShiVa Flash external interface has become feature complete. In this tutorial, we will learn how to manipulate a running ShiVa 3D FLASH application by calling DefaultUser-Events from html/js.

Masking Bits and Categories

Masking bits and categories were introduced in ShiVa 1.9.1, but very few developers know how to use them effectively. This tutorial video shows you the basics to get you started.