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Welcome to the ShiVa 2.0 online documentation! This document is under constant development, and changes to the ShiVa APIs will be appear here first. But this page is so much more than just a function glossary. It can teach you the basics about the ShiVa interface, editor modules, how to make C++ plugins and how to package products for the ShiVa online store! If you are interested in contributing yourself, please do not hesitate to ask us for the backend password.


New to ShiVa? Take your first steps and learn about the interface, the editor modules, controllers, attributes and C++ plugins.

Editor Modules

Learn about every module and component that ships with ShiVa, get acquainted with every button and slider, and understand the meaning of every editor icon.

Runtime Lua

Runtime Lua functions and constants are used to program your in-game logic. This API is fully 1.9.2 compatible (unless stated otherwise on a function page). While it uses the Lua syntax, it is not fully compatible with standard Lua 5.

Editor Lua

Editor Lua functions and constants are used to program the ShiVa Editor, make editor modules or control ShiVa from the console. This API is not 1.9.2 compatible, but conforms to Lua 5.2 standards.


Everything you need to know to get started with ShiVa C++ plugin development is collected here.

Module XML

Module XML is an interface markup language based on XML. It is used to design graphical user interfaces for custom ShiVa Editor Modules. A must-read if you are planning on going into ShiVa module development.


Learn how package products for our ShiVa online store at and become a member of the ShiVa Seller family!