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Publishing: IOS-Certification

This article will show you how to set up an Apple Developer Account, generate the required certificates and teach you how to test your game on an iOS device. It is an extension of the iOS article in this documentation, make sure to read that one first.

Table of Contents

Becoming and Apple Developer

In order to build and test iOS applications, you must first become an official Apple Developer. Go to to sign up for the iOS Developer Program, which costs around $99/80 Euros annually. Purchase a developer license and wait for the confirmation emails to arrive.

buydevYou can access your developer account from and manage your certificates and profiles from there.



Provisioning Profile

In order to get your iOS Application onto an iOS device, you need a Provisioning Profile, no matter if you just want to run a development test build or publish to the App Store. Several steps are required to create a Provisioning Profile.



Choose "Certificates" from the side bar. Follow the online wizard.

certGenerating a Certificate involves uploading a CSR (Certificate Signing Request) file from your development OS X machine. To generate a CSR file, open up your /Applications/Utilities/Keychain and activate the "Certificate Assistant".

certassistOnce you have completed the wizard, download the .cer file to your machine and install it with a double click, or by dropping it into the open Keychain Access app.


Device ID

You also need to register your test device. Games with a development profile will only work on the devices you specify.

deviceregThe UDID of the device can be found in iTunes when you connect your device to your Mac. Click once on "Serial Number" to display it.



Once you have completed all steps on the website, make sure your Provisioning Profile is active.

provisactiveDownload the .mobileprovision file and install it by double-clicking on it.

Device Testing

Xcode Organizer

Connect your iOS device to your Mac. Open Xcode, it should go straight to the Organizer. If it does not, choose Window->Organizer from the menu.

xcodeorganizerXcode will then ask you for the Team Name based on your provisioning profile.

xcodeprovisIf you did everything correctly, the provisioning profile is listed on the device and has been validated.


Building and Testing Cycle

You are now ready to build your game with ShiVa. The Provisioning Profile should be found and your Bundle Identifier filled in automatically. The Signing Identity is the Organization Name in your Certificate.

Building your game with ShiVa will result in an .app that you can drag into Xcode's organizer window in order to load it onto your iOS device.


Xcode Project

In order to have fine grain control over your application, add features like Game Center and custom code, build an Xcode Project instead of an App.

Take extra care of the deployment target numbers, Splash Screens and Icons, build architectures (armv7, no armv7s nor armv6).