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ShiVa Web and other programming questions..

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ShiVa Web and other programming questions..

Postby stream » 2017-01-31 14:59

A. Some Web publishing related questions:

Unity has abandoned Unity Web Player (the export feature is unavailable since version 5.x, there's WebGL though), and it seems HTMl5/WebGL will be available only in ShiVa 2.0 (which is still in Beta) so

1. Does ShiVa 1.9.2 Web Player have facebook integration or can it be done without external plugins?
2. Would the ShiVa Web Player even work today? Do browsers still support it? If it does, would it work in the next 2 or 3 years or so?
3. If Web Players still do work, does the Web Player have multiplayer support?
4. Was the Web Edition 'updated' or something? From what I remember it was around 659 MB when I downloaded it a couple of years back, and now it's around 819MB?

And what about Flash? is there any limitation related to the number of polys or such?

B. General ShIVa related questions:

1. Is the concept of "Model" in ShiVa the same as that of GameObject in Unity?
2. Is the "Helper Model" an Empty?
3. There are two functions have the getCurrentUserScene and getScene, why would you use the latter? In what case would you use one over the other?

(I'm here mostly for the Flash export but the Web Player export if it's still supported would be cool addition as well)
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Re: ShiVa Web and other programming questions..

Postby broozar » 2017-01-31 20:19

Hi stream,

A. ShiVa Web Player plugin is deprecated as well, since more and more browsers turned the relevant API support off. The future is WebGL/HTML5. Our HTML5 engine generally works well, but is still in beta as some features are not completely supported yet.

1. Facebook integration is probably easier if you go the Flash route, although this will of course only work on flash-enabled platforms and browsers. example:
2. Firefox is the only browser that would support it after installation, other browsers would not work or require manual settings fiddling. blog article: ... eb-player/
3. Yes, but it's mostly an irrelevant question due to 2.
4. Last update of 1.9.2 was in DEC 2013.

There are a number of important restrictions with Flash, indeed, regarding texture size, music size and format, polycount, loading times, file size, and a few others. please read

B. I am not too familiar with Unity, so someone else will have to help you here.

1. ShiVa "Models" are containers that reference resources like meshes, materials, animations, etc. - these models will then be instantiated in a "Scene" (known as "levels" in other engines) and referred to as "Objects" from then on (which can be modified by the object.* API).
2. Helpers are "empty" models that have no linked resources by default, but do have properties like position and rotation, can be moved/modified like ordinary objects, and can optionally be assigned AI functionality, light functionality, sound functionality, etc. - It helps to thin of Helpers as Objects without shapes and meshes, without "volume" if you will, rather than "empty" things.
3. .*CurrentUser*() functions are short hands for single player games, or instances where you deal with just one player. The alternative function allows you to specify a user handle, which could be any user in the game, not only the one associated with the PC you are currently playing from - so it's mostly useful in multiplayer games.
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