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Cant Export

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Cant Export

Postby Hunter Johnson » 2017-05-20 02:46

Can somebody please send me a video or something showing them export it? cause when i try there is a bunch of random shit...
Hunter Johnson
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Re: Cant Export

Postby broozar » 2017-05-21 15:42

Hello Hunter,

we need you to be more specific before we can help you.

0. What Operating system are you developing on?
1. Which version of ShiVa are you using?
2. Which platform do you want to export to?
3. What does the "random shit" say?

Generally speaking, there is a doc page for every platform we support, with a listing of every export option and short description of what it does, for instance:

If you are still on 1.9.2, there is an offline document installed with each version that you can view for export tips.
Furthermore, our old 1.9.2 WIKI has a number of export tips: ... /Main_Page

Since you asked for a video, here's one that shows how to transform an STK made with 1.9.2 into a Blackberry *.bar. The workflow is similar for every other platform.
An equivalent video for 2.0 does not exist at the moment. When we are nearing 2.0 release proper, new video tutorials will be created.

Let me know if you need further instructions.
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