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Does THE HUNT (or any other demo) work on every platform?

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Does THE HUNT (or any other demo) work on every platform?

Postby Jakoby » 2018-11-14 04:26

Assuming that a keyboard and mouse could be plugged into the device of your choice, could THE HUNT demo be compiled and run for any device ShiVa 3D supports with little to no target-specific modification (computers, phones, consoles, web, etc.)? I want to use THE HUNT sort of as a gauge for performance for my specific console (which if relevant to the question is the Nintendo Wii) versus Windows or other more mainstream platforms running the same software.

If not, then what demos do work with the Wii, and in addition all platforms?
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Re: Does THE HUNT (or any other demo) work on every platform

Postby broozar » 2018-11-16 01:41

hi Jakoby,

the simpler the demo, the more likely it is to run on any platform. At the time, TheHunt was one of the most demanding demos for ShiVa that taxed my system at the time pretty well.

The Wii is a 12 year old console based on a souped-up design of a 17 year old console (gamecube). You are dealing with a 7xx MHz PowerPC CPU and a GPU of around 240 MHz. Combined memory is reportedly under 100 MB.

There is no way anything looking remotely like TheHunt is going to run on this system. The textures alone would run over the total memory limit multiple times. There is also no way to run the pixel shaders for normal mapping on this platform. You would be limited to very simple lighting, tiny textures, or no textures at all (just colors - like many Wii games do, just shaded colors over meshes).

There is a reason why Wii games look the way they do. There are enough comparisons between multiplatform games running on Xbox/Ps3 vs Wii. The Force Unleashed is a good example that comes to mind.

As far as test games go, I like to test mobiles with on-screen controls, like SimpleAnimation or iPhoneCameraControl. I also have a free Flying kit in the store, which includes multiple inputAIs which allow for gyro, mouse and gamepad input, which I often use for testing ... uct_id=138

As a general guideline, I'd approach Wii development the same way as I would approach development for old iPods and iPhones under OpenGLES 1.1: ... e=OpenGLES
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