New developer website will open tomorrow

New developer website will open tomorrow

Postby Dje » 2010-05-04 13:21

today is a good day ! the new developer website is now live !

The old websites ( and, shiva3d.blogspot ) will be replaced by this one.

The main page :

- display the latest tutorials and blog entry
- drag the main picture to share the page
- display the latest forum post
- polls
- gallery
- latest video tutorials on youtube
- latest webplayer engine version
- iPhone support

Tutorial/Blog page :

- User comments
- rating
- sources download

Download ShiVa, the ShiVaTools for 3dsMax, textures pack, materials pack and scripts pack

Forum : Phpbb based forum

- removed iframe
- user contribution for API entry, add notes on official documentation
- lua code coloration
- documentation bug report form
- rewritten search suggest
- advanced documentation search

and so more...

Known issues
- unicode problem in forum

- You must ask to regenerate a password to login on the forum
- You will have to re-upload your avatar

- button to switch from fixed to fluid page width
- better url rewriting for documentation
- page caching for documentation
- facebook connect
- facebook widget
- more contents ( tutorials and documentation )
- forum iPhone support
- better documentation note editor

Connect to to get the link and report bugs.

!!! Please do not post website comments and links in this post, thanks !!!
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New developer website will open tomorrow

Postby Dje » 2010-05-11 18:47


after a week of beta test, the new developer website is almost ready.

It will open tomorrow, the actual website will close few hours before opening the new one.

Url of the old forum will be translated to match the new one even inside post.

Avatar might be deleted so backup your picture.

Once the new website will open, you will have to ask for a new password using the password recovery tool ( you will have to inform your username and email ).

So don\'t be afraid if tomorrow, is closed :cheer:
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Re: New developer website will open tomorrow

Postby hassan321 » 2014-09-24 09:40

I know it's been a long time without updates on this subject, but I've recently set up a Joomla (1.5) website and haven't found documentation on this Joomla Module. Before posting, I've searched both and without success.
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Re: New developer website will open tomorrow

Postby broozar » 2014-09-24 11:45

do not use joomla 1.5 for any new website project. it is years beyond its EOL and has probably more security holes than you can count.
as a consequence, the old stonetrip joomla module is no longer available. please use our web, flash, or html5 exporters.
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