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ShiVa July 2013 Update

ShiVa July 2013 Update

Postby broozar » 2013-07-28 22:47

Dear ShiVa developers,

it has been months since you have seen us post anything official in the forums or on our blog. As you are all aware by now, Stonetrip, the company behind ShiVa, went into liquidation earlier this year, which caused a great deal of uncertainty among our loyal community about the future of your favourite game development tool. As (ex-)employees of a company in liquidation, we were not allowed to comment on the state of StoneTrip, ShiVa, or the future of the community. Naturally, any information vacuum will be filled with worries and speculation, so the online community was quick to develop its own conspiracy theories. But the legal process is mostly behind us now, and we can talk to you more openly again about the future and address your most pressing concerns.

While the future of Stonetrip was uncertain, it has always been clear to us that ShiVa was not dead. In fact, the final 1.x update is about to be released. ShiVa 1.9.2 will receive a new beta version next week (beta 5) along with the Authoring Tool 1.4 (beta 11). This version, if no big blocking bug is found, will be released publicly a few weeks later. This will also be the final release of the 1.x line of editors - the end of an era. Our focus has shifted to finishing ShiVa 2.0, which is becoming more awesome every day. We plan to let you take a peek at the new version soon with public beta releases in the fall. Fall 2013, that is :)

We know your trust in Stonetrip has been shaken over the last months. Hopefully, your confidence in ShiVa has not wavered. Ubisoft's confidence in our technology certainly has not - they just released Prince of Persia: The Shadow and the Flame for Android and iOS! I hope you have all read our corresponding blog post. They explicitly mention ShiVa in their Dev Diary Video #3, so make sure to check it out! A major publisher would not trust our engine with one of his trademark franchises if they did not believe that ShiVa's best days are yet to come.


We did post the news about Prince of Persia on our blog. We have not released anything on there for months, so this post officially marks the end of silence on our blog. We will gradually release the posts and case studies that have been on ice for far too long. We invite you to let us know about your latest game projects and releases, so they can be featured on there.

Talking about websites, did you know that the ShiVa 2.0 Editor Release will be accompanied by a complete website overhaul? The site will not only feature a completely new design on an up-to-date code base, but also make life in the ShiVa developer zone prettier and easier. The sites run on html 5, support retina displays and will adjust dynamically to practically any screen size. We have unified most systems, there will be no more separate logins for the e.g. wiki and the knowledge base, the plugin store and the developer store will unite, and our tutorial blogs will be closely interwoven with the community effort in the Wiki. We managed to port most of the community-generated content to the new software, so your tutorials will not be lost. Here is how the new WIKI will look like:


We hope you will like the new design and web services as much as we do.

Let's close with this FAQ we have assembled from your inquiries over the last months:

Is ShiVa now owned by Unity Technologies?

When will I be able to purchase a ShiVa license again?
As soon as possible. We missed July, so we target August for now. Rest assured we are not holding out on you because we like not making any money from license sales. The sooner the stores go back online, the better for all of us. We cannot yet open because our hands are still legally tied. It does not help that it's summer and the administration offices are sparsely populated. These processes take time and move at a snail's pace. And to be clear: There will be no reopening under the StoneTrip name, a new company will be responsible for sales.

When is the upcoming 2.0 scheduled for release?
As soon as possible, later this year. First Betas should arrive in late summer/early fall, as for the final release we won't give any dates - it depends on how many bugs you the community finds during the tests, really. ShiVa 2.0 is our main focus now, and we are getting closer to a release every day.

Will ShiVa 2.0 still be a free update for 1.9.1 promo customers?
As promised, all ShiVa 1.9.x licenses bought since January 2012 will receive a free upgrade to ShiVa 2.0. This will not be an automatic transition however, since we are radically redesigning the website and online services.

What will be the future pricing and update policy be?
Basically the same. One single license (either Basic or Advanced) covers publishing to all platforms, no royalties, and free point updates. This is the key of the ShiVa business model, and while it is less interesting (for us) than selling separate "platform bundles", we strongly believe in it. From our point of view, this is what makes ShiVa different from other game creation IDEs, and we want to continue in that direction.

The release cycle will switch to yearly updates, as most other creative softwares do already (think 3ds max 2013). We are thinking about offering an entry level paid support for small studios that need more than what we offer on the forum, but cannot afford a "full assistance" bundle. In other words, we are going to make personal NiCoX live support affordable to Indy developers and independent game studios ;)

When will next ShiVa 1.9.x update be available?
We have a new beta versions (Editor 1.9.2 b5, Authoring Tool 1.4 b11) currently in testing, we plan to release next week.
This version, if no big blocking bug is found, will be released publicly a few weeks later. This will also be the final release of the 1.x line of editors - the end of an era.

Will there be a Tizen port of the engine?
Maybe. But if we have learned something from the user comments, we won't go on exotic platforms anymore, unless there is a real economic or strategic interest behind them. If there is high demand for a Tizen port, we could do it after the 2.0 release.

That pretty much covers everything we wanted to share with you today. I hope your most pressing questions have been answered, feel free to share your opinion or ask us if something is still unclear to you.

Thank you for believing in us, thank your for being patient, and most of all: thank you for the cool games and tutorials you have been creating in the last months, even though we could not talk to you about the future. Keep being an awesome community!

The ShiVa Engine Team
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Re: ShiVa July 2013 Update

Postby Ashraam » 2013-07-28 22:57

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Re: ShiVa July 2013 Update

Postby Shaderman » 2013-07-28 22:59

Thanks a lot for the info, thats good news as expected :)

I have one question though.

The release cycle will switch to yearly updates

Will there still be betas available between these releases?
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Re: ShiVa July 2013 Update

Postby varnado » 2013-07-28 23:01

Great news, keep it up :) Shiva rules
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Re: ShiVa July 2013 Update

Postby lcocea » 2013-07-28 23:04

Great news! Thanks.
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Re: ShiVa July 2013 Update

Postby radek_ne » 2013-07-28 23:52

Great news !!!
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Re: ShiVa July 2013 Update

Postby vklymenko » 2013-07-29 00:10

SplashFoxGames always knew that free cheese is something for the second mouse :mrgreen:
Mad Cop 3 is almost ready :D
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Re: ShiVa July 2013 Update

Postby shivachristy » 2013-07-29 00:53

Theres nothing like a Sunday night for a press release!

Great news. :D via an ad! Thanks
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Re: ShiVa July 2013 Update

Postby Badger » 2013-07-29 02:22

Thanks for the info! And best of luck to everyone still going through legal nonsense. :)
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Re: ShiVa July 2013 Update

Postby remorse107 » 2013-07-29 03:02

I feel a tear welling up in the corner of my eye.

This is a very happy moment.
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