Concerns about 64bit change to App store.

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Concerns about 64bit change to App store.

Postby Psychopsam » 2017-02-12 07:48

Hi all,

Recently I received this message from Apple -
"Your app, Surf Prodigy (323764843), does not comply with one or more App Review Guidelines.
For details, or to directly contact the App Review team, go to the Resolution Center on iTunes Connect.
App Store Review"

Is there a process using Shiva 1.9 and the Authoring Tool to make it 64 bit compliant? I haven't paid for the latest version yet - so can I use the older version I have from 2009, and export 64bit update? (for the admins - I have been sent an invoice for the new version so all good there - just need to find out if I can use my old license - or the workflow to overcome this hurdle to make my app compliant)

Andy H.
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Re: Concerns about 64bit change to App store.

Postby Shaderman » 2017-02-12 09:55

AFAIK 1.9.2 with UAT supports 32bit builds only and I think you need a 2.0 beta to build 64bit versions.

It should be as simple as
- Load your project in 2.0
- Export the project from 2.0
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Re: Concerns about 64bit change to App store.

Postby broozar » 2017-02-12 16:00

what shader said.

slightly longer answer: you need to overhaul your entire publishing pipeline.
- install the latest updates of mac os, xcode, and iOS on your test device (just hope your apple device is still supported and has not been declared legacy in the last few months, like so many others - or you have to buy new equipment... thanks apple).
- after that, install the latest version of shiva 2.0 beta (currently 8).
- make a backup of your old project
- load the project (backup) into 2.0 and play it in order to check if it all works
- export Xcode project
- load exported Xcode project into Xcode, fine tune your settings/dependencies/ad stuff etc, then publish
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