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ShiVaHg - Mercurial for ShiVa 2

ShiVaHg - Mercurial for ShiVa 2

Postby Badger » 2016-01-31 11:34


I've published my first module for ShiVa2: ShiVaHg

It's a simple interface to Mercurial SCM

Version 2 is now live on the store.

New features in v2 include:
  • Auto Status Polling
  • In-ShiVa ignore file control.
  • In-ShiVa Mercurial web server browser.
  • New repo command.

It's free. If you use it and find any problems or would like to suggest a feature please reply in this thread.
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Re: ShiVaHg - Mercurial for ShiVa 2

Postby Cheramu » 2016-02-04 22:49

Hi, did a quick test of you're module (beta5) on linux for untracked files with git. So it would be nice to have git support as a feature :) .

Code: Select all
local bHaveRepo = system.directoryExists ( sRootDirectory .. ".git" )

Code: Select all
local sCommand =  "git --git-dir=" .. sRootDirectory ..".git --work-tree=".. sRootDirectory .. " status --porcelain"

Code: Select all
  elseif (sString == "??") then
                    nUntrackedCount = nUntrackedCount + 1
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Re: ShiVaHg - Mercurial for ShiVa 2

Postby Fraser » 2016-02-06 22:07

Wow, reat work! 8-)

Custom modules for the IDE is so exciting.
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