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multiplayer html5 shiva 2.0

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multiplayer html5 shiva 2.0

Postby lalexl » 2017-09-16 11:44

I would like to know if the server of shiva 2.0 worked with version html5 for the multiplayer and to understand the loading time of a scene with shiva 3d that we have very little information on the subject thank you.

because by making comparisons of loading time of scene I find that shiva and much faster than the unreal engine and unity, can be a little less fast than play canvas and babylon.js but in any case on shiva the loading to the merit to be well located you compile from c ++ to javascript via asm, in all cases great because the htlm5 works well on shiva.

congratulations :P
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Re: multiplayer html5 shiva 2.0

Postby broozar » 2017-09-21 17:43


caching and xml network calls should work, but multiplayer games with the shiva 2.0 server are currently not possible with the HTML5/webGL engine. The game won't crash, but it will be stuck in your connection loop forever without a response.

the translation from C++ to js is done via emskripten, the same compiler/translator used in unity or unreal. fast loading times are caused by a number of things, like good STK/data compression, or a relative compact engine core to begin with, but of course always depend on what the developers put in their games. If you must have 200 2k textures in your game, loading will be slow no matter what.

nice to hear that ShiVa html5/webGL works well for you!
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