Shiva Vs Unity Vs Torque3D

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Shiva Vs Unity Vs Torque3D

Postby ErickS » 2012-03-02 00:31

There wasn't a general forum so I thought I'd post it here.

I'm looking at Unity, Torque, and Shiva and all 3 have excellent tools! I'm just having trouble deciding on what toolset I should choose. My main concern in multi platform and all 3 handle well. I don't care for the linux community it's just OSX/Windows iPhone/Android and tablet support that I care for and both do well and torque does well except it doesn't support android at this time.

I'm basically going to be doing a 2D game with a 3D aspect and a 3D engine would save time instead of coding a 2.5D perspective with a 2D engine like Torque for example. If you want semi 3D it's just better from the start to use a 3D engine as 3D engines support 2D anyway, it's just a little harder.

I'll be doing an Action-RPG similar to Skyrim(without it's physics problems..) but a little more fast paced with strategy. Any engine will support the game I'm trying to do, it all comes down to the editor and graphical capability.

What's the limit on graphics and sound capabilities?
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Re: Shiva Vs Unity Vs Torque3D

Postby kalango » 2012-03-02 00:49

No offense but if you plan to make a Skyrim-like game you shouldnt even be asking questions about limits, you should be testing the engines since you have much much experience in games and game engines.
I dont want to offend you or desmotivate you, but you sound like a begginer, and you just dont simply make skyrim games...
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Re: Shiva Vs Unity Vs Torque3D

Postby Simon » 2012-03-02 07:57

1) i think torque is the most difficult(bad documentation. need good skill in programming ) for 3d. and the best for 2d.

2) Unity is the simplest to understand. good for dark games. it's as standart good engine for games

3) Shiva is an creative(original) engine with bright colors rendering. for good games with vegetable world. it's best engine for me ...despite the fact that in my town is unigine engine creators
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Re: Shiva Vs Unity Vs Torque3D

Postby error454 » 2012-03-02 10:21

As someone who has used Shiva actively for over a year, I can't imagine that graphics or sound support will be a limiting factor for whatever engine you choose. It might take months to realize what the limitations are, if any. If I were in your shoes I would be looking at the development environment, the 3D import support from your graphics software and the cost to publish on multiple platforms.
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Re: Shiva Vs Unity Vs Torque3D

Postby psychicsoftware » 2012-03-02 11:53

I have used Torque for 8 years and Shiva for 1.5 years. I also looked at, but didn't like, Unity.

If you're looking for cross-platform deployment, Shiva is simply awesome. And the development workflow is really good (when you get over the initial learning curve).

Torque gives you access to the source code, so it's better if you will want to add to or modify the engine itself; in Shiva/Unity you'll have to resort to inefficient workarounds when the engine doesn't do what you want. BUT.. Shiva is clearly designed by a team who really know what a game requires, so nearly everything is catered for.

AND.. the beauty of a closed-source engine is that the dev. team continue to add new platforms and new functionality, whereas with Torque my development work in the engine itself made it increasingly impossible to take advantage of new engine developments.
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Re: Shiva Vs Unity Vs Torque3D

Postby Teo » 2012-03-02 13:10

ErickS wrote:I'll be doing an Action-RPG similar to Skyrim(without it's physics problems..)

Interesting... :shock:

Totally agree with Kalango. I think you should stop a bit, grab a solid game dev book. Making a Skyrim-like game require more that an engine. Sure you have to money and experience to do that?

Anyway, lets get back to your questions.

None of the engines offer what you need. You have to code it by yourself.

Shiva = LUA/C++ plugins
Unity = C#/C++ plugins
Torque = C++

I've been using Unity for last 2 years and release 3 games with it. I've switched to Shiva3D this year for next projects. If that says anything to you.
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Re: Shiva Vs Unity Vs Torque3D

Postby redmotion » 2012-03-02 19:14

Making a Skyrim-like game require more that an engine

I think it required 2-300 people as well. :)

Best place to look at is indieDB. Check out all the games (2.5d RPGs - there's quite a few) and try to work out what you can add or change to make your game unique. Otherwise it won't stand out in the crowd. If you can't do super-retro or super-realistic graphics you should at least have a wicked idea. Because saying you're going to do an RPG isn't an idea. Saying its 2.5d, isn't one either. That was an idea around about...hmm... 1987?

Then start thinking about how you're going to make it. Because starting from scratch (not knowing anything) to a finished 2.5d RPG is IMHO (and being optimistic) is 2-3 years work minimum(spending a little to a lot of time on it alone EVERY SINGLE DAY). Team up and get it done faster but sacrifice some control or go it alone, it's up to you.

PS: If you want to go it alone then Shiva without a doubt, if you want to make a team you may have more luck with Unity3d as way more people use it, and you'll probably find a few people who may be happy to pitch in to help with art or sound.
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Re: Shiva Vs Unity Vs Torque3D

Postby clash_07 » 2014-10-09 20:40

Hi, I have used Unity and ShiVa. Here are my thoughts...
I will be comparing Unity Free to ShiVa Basic/PLE

Has more tutorials and samples.
No image effects in free.
Splash Screen on the free version.
Offers all platforms for free!
Web Player is very popular and well known in the web gaming community.
Amazing Asset Store.
Good graphics can be added to the free version with Shader Lab(I think that is the name. It can be bought for $20)

C++ access. Lua is compiled to real native.
No Splash Screen!
Affordable licenses.
Most Cross-Platform engine in the world!
Decent and growing asset store.
Amazing graphics and Ocean in all versions!
Amazing tutorials and samples.

What I recommend is do what works for you! For me I love both, but if I needed to make an Android game on a zero budget I would chose Unity. These are from my experience. I am a unity user of 1 year. Shiva only a couple days. Though for a good low cost solution I would chose ShiVa. Some games are better in other engines though. Some games I might use Unity othes ShiVa with the best licenses of both. Basically I think it is saying which is better? The apple or the orange? Android or iOS? Neither depending on what you want. ShiVa is my favorite, but I like both a lot and can work in either. Weighting my projects ShiVa wins for a while. NeoAxis, Godot, and others also are options. Project Anarchy is amazing but fairly high end for devs computers. Well, my computer at least. Lol. The new subscription models for unreal and cry look good. I would try them all.

I hope this helps.
I love making 3d games! :) I am an artist and programmer.
I do my graphics in Photoshop and Blender!

PM me here:
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