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Looking for some information

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Looking for some information

Postby Yadiiiig » 2018-12-13 22:23


So first of all I don't know if this is the correct location, so apologies if not.

I'm doing some research what would be a good engine to make my first game. And I don't really know the possibilities with ShiVa.
I'm a beginner coder with a medium level in LUA. And I want to create an online open-world PvE game, with a MySQL database, hosting a server on a linux vps. And I'm wondering if this is possible with the free engine.

Would ShiVa be a good start for my project, to make a dream like this come true?
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Re: Looking for some information

Postby broozar » 2018-12-17 04:29

Hello Yadiiiig, welcome to the forum!

To evaluate ShiVa, you should definitely get the free Web Edition from our website and see whether the UI, workflow, scripting etc. fits your style. Do some tutorials, watch some videos, get a feel for it: ... et_Started

To answer your questions:

- anything multiplayer/online/server-based is is possibly the hardest thing to do. not a good beginner project.

- online MySQL databases can be interacted with in ShiVa using either its XML or ENVIRONMENT APIs and an intermediate scripting language on your server, like PHP. A possible implementation looks like this: ... ironments/

- ShiVa has server software for Windows, Mac and Linux, so you can do realtime games. The free server in version 1.9.2 is very limited and won't fit your needs. You will need one of the paid editions, upgrade to ShiVa 2.0 beta, and then look into server tutorials like ... onnection/

- if you just use the server to store highscores, player stats, save states etc, then you don't need the "shiva server" application. all you need can be done through PHP/MySQL, see above.

TLDR; Your project sounds like a hard one even for seasoned developers. ShiVa can get you some of the way there by providing some of the APIs you need, but there are no templates/frameworks for your use case. You would be coding your game from the ground up, which is a tall order for a beginner coder. I am not sure ShiVa would be a good fit. ShiVa's strengths lie in rapid cross-platform development, not so much in large scale multiplayer network games.
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