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Shando's ShiVa Book

The book is split into 17 Chapters, which I hope give a good introduction to ShiVa:

The first couple of Chapters give a brief overview of ShiVa and 3D programming in general, then, in Chapter 3, I move on to a more in-depth look at the various ShiVa modules. Chapters 4 & 5 show you how to build a couple of simple first applications and, in Chapter 6, I show you how to use PolyTrails and Particle Systems. Chapter 7 is all about SoundBanks, and Chapter 8 goes deep into the Material Editor. Chapter 9 covers the HUD, and Chapters 10 & 11 explain how to use Attributes and Ambience. Next I explain Animation and, in Chapter 13, Pathfinding. Chapter 14 is a quick intro to XML use in ShiVa, and Chapter 15 introduces the HLDL Framework. Chapter 16 explains how to create Terrains, and the final Chapter shows how I built my “Dino Hunter” game. In all of the Chapters, I’ve tried to use standard ShiVa demos to explain part of what the Chapter’s about.

I hope this book helps you to understand ShiVa and 3D programming. Remember that the developer’s forum and the internet are your friends for pretty much anything to do with ShiVa and the 3D world. I have spent many hours searching the internet for code (and advice), and then converting it from one language to another (it always seemed to be in a language (Java, C#, C++ etc.) other than the one I wanted!), so be prepared for some hard work! You can pretty much bet that a lot of what you want to do has already been done by someone, somewhere.

Note: Chapter 5 has been revised and does indeed work now.

Start reading and learning now!

MobileTuts+ Complete Tutorial

Curious about 3D game dev? Now is the time to learn! This five-part tutorial series will demonstrate how to build a simple game with the ShiVa3D Suite, a cross-platform 3D game engine and authoring tool.

The Whole Series

9-week undergrad course on Shiva

This is the content from a complete 9-week undergrad course that I taught between January and April this year. It's not as good as it would be without hearing what I had to say during the class, but still I hope it’s useful to some other Shiva developers! It includes three introductory tutorials/practical assignments which might be useful to people new to Shiva. - psychicsoftware

WEEK 1: Intro, IDE, API overview

WEEK 2: key game entities, automatic flow of control, AIs, keyboard, accelerometer

WEEK 3: programmed flow of control, messages, key game entities, data handling

WEEK 4: physics, direct movement, the camera

WEEK 5: HUDs, runtime object management, coordinate systems, vectors and angles, ray casting, the math object

WEEK 6: sensors&colliders, tables, hash tables, xml, game deployment

WEEK 7/8: particle emitters, multiplayer, multitouch, efficiency, Shiva script and OpenGLES, materials&lighting, pathfinding

ShiVa Samples - Explained

Samples that come with ShiVa:

3D Paint - AmbientMusic - BallDynamics - BasicSensorDemo - CarGame - Fire - FirstPersonView - iPhoneCameraControl - iPhoneCharacterControl - Movieplayer - Multiplayer - ObjectShowView - Parallax Mapping - PointLightShadows - PonctualSounds - PostRender - RopeDynamics - SimpleAnimation - SimpleProjector - SimpleReflection - SimpleRefraction - st_loading - TheHunt - Wiimote

General Basics:

Static Lighting Tutorial

Samples from the Various Code Samples section:

Basic Sensor Demo - DebugFont - HLD Third Person View - Iris Flare - Lens Flare - Picture Manipulation - Poly Trail - Ragdoll - Sky Box - 3D Sound - Change Texture - Click And Go - IPhone Viewport Rotation - Microphone - Modal - Multitouch - onMouseButtonDown - Scrolling Text - Vibrations - Viewport Rotation Old - Wall Hole - WiiMote - Wii Mouse Emulation - TextureSlider - FPS Demo Old

Video Tutorials

From Start to Finish

wdtracy is making a series on YouTube / his blog that takes a game from start to finish in ShiVa3D. Here's a small selection of his videos:

Starting Game Development in ShiVa - * Basic Objects, Physics and Collision - Accessing XML Files in ShiVa - AI Variables and Event Handling - The Object's Physics Controller - More Control for Objects - Adding Colors to Objects - Website Publishing

These and many more videos can be found on the SubSpaceGames youtube channel, MrSubspacegames! Check it out. SubSpaceGames also has a dedicated wiki page, maybe it has just the video you are looking for!

The ShiVa Minute


This series was designed as a Quick Start Guide and covers most of the frequently asked basics. It does not go too deep, but should provide you with enough information to get you up and running.

complete season 1 complete season 2 complete season 3

Unity to ShiVa

Unity logo.png

RedKetchup created those video tutorials for you to make your transition to ShiVa as easy as possible!


Official Game Scorpion App Development Course

These are the notes for the free Session of GameScorpion's Official App Development Course that helps you on your journey to become a successful App Developer and create an App Business.

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