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Getting Started

You have leared about the great Features ShiVa offers and you have seen how other developers have turned their games into great success stories. Now it is finally your turn! Get to know ShiVa and help the game ideas in your mind come to life!

Free to learn

shiva192-web All you need to get started with ShiVa is right on this page. Our Free Web Edition offers a great environment to learn not only the basics of ShiVa Game development, but create full games without any restrictions short of commercial export and distribution.

Download the Free ShiVa Web Edition Today!

You also need a free account on to register and activate ShiVa.

The Basics

The following tutorials were designed to introduce you to the ShiVa Editor. In just a few minutes, you will learn how to navigate the viewports, control the built-in modules, import your assets


Samples and Demos

We believe that game programming is best learned from examples and small, fully working demo programs. That is why ShiVa ships with a large number of samples which introduce you to important concepts one at a time, like rigid body physics, pathfinding, 3D sound effects, or HUD components, just to name a few. We are regularly adding new STE packs to the collection. If you have a question about a ShiVa feature that is not yet covered by a sample program, or have written a sample yourself that you feel should be included in this collection, feel free to drop us a line.

ShiVa 2.0 combined sample packs by distribution

ShiVa 2.0 sample packs sorted by release date

- ShiVa 2.0 Samples for beta 9

ShiVa 2.0 samples and tutorials by category

Select packs which contain only the respective category of tutorial samples. If you want the full collection, choose one of the "combined" packs from above instead.

- ShiVa 2.0 DeltaTime Tutorial Samples (fundamental concept)
- ShiVa 2.0 Dynamic Lighting Tutorial Samples
- ShiVa 2.0 Fog Tutorial Samples (height and distance)
- ShiVa 2.0 HUD Tutorial Samples
- ShiVa 2.0 Input Samples (accelerometer, mouse, keyboard, touchscreen etc.)
- ShiVa 2.0 Ocean Tutorial Samples
- ShiVa 2.0 Sound Tutorial Samples (playback and positional sounds, not music)

Samples and Demos video playlist

We have a playlist on YouTube which goes into installation, setup and anatomy of these samples, as well as offers some code analysis of selected demos.

ShiVa legacy samples

Although these collections were developed for ShiVa versions 1.5 - 1.9.2, they can be imported into ShiVa 2.0 and will work there seamlessly.

- ShiVa3DStore: Classic 1.9.2 sample collection
- ShiVa3DStore: Classic 1.9.2 additional samples

A Great Community

Our Community does not only create great games, but writes fantastic tutorials as well! Do not forget to visit our ShiVa Developer Zone for more tutorials, the Community Forum, our WIKI/KnowledgeBase, interesting discussions and free resources!

ShiVa on YouTube

We have an official YouTube channel with tutorials that we update regularly. Have a look at our videos and let us know about your thoughts in the comment section!